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About us

We are small Art Press and specialized in Risograph printing studio based in Sofia. We produce zines, posters, postcards, flyers or any other paper based prints for artists.


We understand publishing and printing as an artistic, collaborative practice and a democratic tool to participate in artistic and political discourses.


We try to create community space for printing and publishing.
Our workshop is a platform for sharing our resources and helping people to learn, to connect and to develop new skills.

What we do

We own a Risograph GR3770, RP3700, 11colors and a set of various machines allowing us to produce a wide range of printed matter in house.

Our Services





Business cards


You can print any size up to A3 
but good to bear in mind that
the riso needs a 5mm border
around each sheet so leave it clear
(this can be cut down for full-bleed images).

You can print onto any stock so long
as it’s uncoated and below 300gsm.


The Risograph is
a stencil duplicator machine that works in a similar way to screen printing.

It creates a stencil from banana paper, this is then wrapped around an ink drum and soy ink is pushed through the voids of the stencil. As the paper glides over the rotating drum it imprints your artwork onto its surface. The colours are then layered up to create your masterpiece!

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our colours

The risograph has its own special colour pallet.
We have 11 colours ranging from rich deep tones to vibrant fluorescents.


Our workshop pushes each participant to explore new possibilities and ideas within their own work.


We want to create a platform that brings different artists together and inviting them to share their work and creative processes with each other.

Mari Adams Designer

Graphilism will advise and help you to achieve a great outcome no matter your artwork but the most economical pieces use few colours in higher quantities.

Print your Own

With experience in Risography will support you in achieving the best print possible.

Roxana Wax



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